Refugee Service Department 13th Annual Conference 2008 Recommendations
October 18, 2016
COMMUNIQUE Issued at the end of a Seminar on Catholic Media and Peace Building in Africa, held for Coordinators/Directors of Catholic Communications and Members of SIGNIS-Africa.
October 18, 2016


The Communications Commissions should employ qualified, motivated and trustworthy human resource and not be tempted to get cheap labor.
Pro-actively engage and network within Catholic media, the secular media, other church media, communication organizations and regulatory bodies at local and international levels.
Engage at a continental level and with donors for the Catholic church to avoid duplication and proliferation
Avoid duplication of communication activities such as other commissions/departments hiring communication officers and outsourcing media work.
Bench marking forums in Africa for Africa such as editors and producers forums

Training of the human resource in the communication offices so as to remain at the forefront of media
Organize a 2 week course to cover topics such as New Media, Convergence, Management Trends, Human Resources.
Organize a 1 week course for Communication non-Directors on; Time Planning, Personal Vision, – Who am I as a Communicator?, Marketing and New Media
Come up with a digital conversion working group to inform and facilitate the impending change.
Come up with a television working group to study, recommend necessary action towards acquiring platform on either DSTV or G-TV or even establishment of own regional (AMECEA-IMBISA) digital TV.
Strengthen and continue with the AMECEA/IMBISA workshops
Communication Coordinators should adapt and acquire modern media technology
Engage with SIGNIS in providing and advising in the acquisition of digital equipment

Catholic media should make itself more visible and sensitize the church leadership on media issues and the importance of their availability

Catholic media and communication offices should continue to be innovative and business minded in order to be self sustaining.

Improve on the content by identifying the gaps and analyzing issues in order to be the alternative voice for society.

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