Migration and Human Trafficking Conference- Pretoria September 2015

Regional Women Leadership Capacity Building- Johannesburg April 2015
November 14, 2016
Matarane Refugee Camp Visit- Nampula September 2015
November 14, 2016

Migration and Human Trafficking Conference- Pretoria September 2015

Migration and Human Trafficking Conferencedsc_0474dsc_0320Group Photo Migration and Human Trafficking Conference Pretoria

The workshop was officially opened by Bishop Vicente Kiaziku explaining the theme and objectives of the workshop. He noted that Africa has memories and wounds of colonialism, refugees and migrants. He quoted the Africae Munus Number 85 saying it is not only about reporting trafficking in persons and human rights abuses but it is about what the church can do to make a difference. He gave an example of a nun in Mozambique who started a movement against abuse of migrants and refugees and then all others after seeing her conviction joined her and it became a big movement. Bishop Langa weighed in saying even Jesus Christ was a migrant he faced resistance, incarceration and brutality but he did not abort his mission of evangelism, so as the Church even if we face challenges lets draw inspiration from him and stand for the truth and let God be glorified. The workshop also came in the background of Pope Francis condemning the inhuman treatment migrants and refugees are being exposed to both in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Conference was a capacity building platform to empower staff with knowledge on human rights approach to migration management in order to lobby and advocate as well as promote the observance of human rights for refugees, migrants and other displaced people in accordance with international and regional standards. The conference covered the following topics

  1. Historical overview and research on migration and human trafficking by IMBISA  and why it is a priority
  2. The Catholic Church and Migrants – Pastoral Dimensions
  3. Country Reports
  4. Migration in Africa-AU, SADC Vision, migration concepts, national, regional and international policies and legal instruments
  5. Meaning and Scope of Human Rights Based Approach to Migration Management- building a shared understanding
  6. Country responses, challenges and perspectives
  7. Monitoring and reporting of cases
  8. Xenophobia in the SADC region- causes, responses and implications
  9. Overview of Human Trafficking
  10. The role and opportunities for the Catholic Church as a governance actor in the SADC region- how the church can intervene to end gross violations of human rights? How to strengthen interventions of the Catholic Church?


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